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2011 Smart eScooter

In the autumn of current year on auto show in Paris a company Smart will show a two-wheeled scooter with the electric motor.
Electroscooter Smart which can be charged from the usual house socket connection, is developed to help the company to occupy new car market segments and to increase sales. According to some information, the novelty has been developed in cooperation with one of the companies, engaged in manufacture of auto-components, and it's planned to make such compact car at many motor factories worldwide, including the enterprises in China, India and Thailand.

Smart eScooter

It's expected that thanks to the agreement earlier concluded between the company of Mercedes-Benz and EnBW, the 1st electroscooters by Smart can appear in the nearest future already on roads of Stuttgart. According to this contract, in this city it's planned to create within a year a network of "electrochargers" which allow to begin high-grade testing of two-wheeled Smarts.
At present the model of Smart consists only of one model under name ForTwo (is accessible in versions with a stationary and developing roof) which in the beginning of July underwent to restyling. In 2013, predictably, the manufacturer will create a new generation of Smart Chocolate ForTwo.

2011 Smart Fortwo

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