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La Grave
La Meije

Classical French mountain small village on bottom of top of La Meije (3,988 m) with the glacier with the same name. The ski resort offers unique possibilities for freeriders. This place of gathering of fans of extreme skiers, those who wants to leave from noisy multi-coloured crowd of skiers take ticket on La Grave.La Grave

La Grave — Freeride Paradise

Thanks to northern slopes, always good snow and expanse for fans of a virgin snow. Perfect possibilities for extraroute trips. In the majority it's extreme descents on a lobby, ice slopes with a steepness to 50 degrees and above. Danger of avalanches is high. Slopes two gondolas ski-pass, with change at height serve of 1800 m. Difference of heights between the bottom and top stations of the ski-pass — 1,750 m. The 1st line is designated as red, the 2nd is more difficult (blue). All the rest — extraroute driving. The nearest airport — Grenoble, France (125 km). From the airport probably to take a taxi and go on a road «№91 Grenoble-Briançon».

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