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The Best French Ski Resort — Grenoble

Grenoble one of the big cities of France, the scientific and university center of the French Alps. The city population is occupied basically in chemical, light industry and mechanical engineering. Also in Grenoble is located the Center of nuclear researches.

In Grenoble (France) modern buildings and the classical architectural monuments are combined. For fans of the French history and the modern art are many various museums. Some exhibits are devoted to science, archeology and ecology. On streets of Grenoble it's pleasant to make walks, because fresh mountain air and interesting architectural decisions is pleasant for mental health.

Grenoble also is known as the capital of X Winter Olympic Games (1968). All over the world the city is known as the mountaineering center. Grenoble is a famous ski resort of France. Rest in French Grenoble is a large quantity of positive emotions, unforgettable impressions of fine kinds of the French Alps.

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