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Advertiser/Client: SPORTSCHECK;
Product/Service: SPORTS STORE;
Executive Creative Director: Michael Kutschinski (Ogilvy);
Creative Director: Uwe Jakob (Ogilvy);
Copywriter: Christian Urbanski (Ogilvy);
Art Director: Christian Urbanski (Ogilvy);
Designer: Uwe Jakob (Ogilvy);
Photographer: Mathias Köhler (Ogilvy);
Producer: Stefan Kriznjak (Ogilvy);
Photo Editor: Christian Urbanski (Ogilvy);
Account Executive: Katharina Marsenger/Frank Apel (Ogilvy);
Production Company: HMD Druck

We distributed 2,500 vouchers in Frankfurt, of which 23.6 % were redeemed in store. This increased sales by up to 17.2%. The citizens of Frankfurt liked the idea and took pictures of it. These vouchers inspired our target audience to do more winter sports.

With unique use of media, we transformed snow-covered cars into skid-marked ski slopes. Miniature snowboarders and skiers show the fun side of winter – and are also giving out discount vouchers for winter sports equipment from the new SPORTSCHECK store in Frankfurt.

These appealing vouchers tell the story of great winter sport action on the roofs of people’s cars. They are as impactful as the SPORTSCHECK TV commercial, and convey the SPORTSCHECK message of “Wir machen Sport” ("We do sport") in a simple, engaging way.

Midway through the winter sports season, in January 2011, SPORTSCHECK Frankfurt asked for an impactful idea to drive sales of winter sports equipment and to remind Frankfurt citizens that snow can be great fun.

Nobody likes scraping snow and ice off their cars every morning. How we can use this unpopular snow to show the bright side of winter?

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