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Branas Ski Resort

Branas Ski Resort

Ski Resort in Scandinavia

Although the city of Karlstad is located in Scandinavia it is far from sure that it snows during Christmas. Branas Ski Resort wants to remind the citizens of Karlstad that only 1,5 hours away Branas offers a Christmas package with a "real" Santa and a Christmas tree in every cabin.

Part 1 of the campaign Bulldozer, Karlstad wrapped the billboard. Soon after-wards curious citizens unwrapped the billboards to see from who and what the message was about. Of course had we a team standing by to clean the streets during the campaign.

Category: Travel, transport & tourism;
Client: Branäs Ski Resort;
Agency: Bulldozer Reklambyrå, Karlstad;
Country: Sweden;
Art Director: Andreas Österlund;
Copywriter: Emelie Pettersson;
Designer: Anna Bergström;
Account manager: Catarina Szasz.

Ski Trip in Branas

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