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Norwegian Snowboarder Broke His Collarbone in Sochi

Torstein Horgmo

Norwegian snowboarder Torstein Horgmo broke his collarbone during a training session in Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi. Horgmo, who was considered one of the contenders for a medal in the slopestyle, was injured after falling on a railing, which are part of the route. According to the doctor Olympic Team Norway Ellen Maughan, his participation in the Sochi Olympics excluded.

According to BBC News, British snowboarder Billy Morgan called the Olympic track as the dangerous. He was supported by a member of the Great Britain women's team Jenny Jones and Finn Roope Tonteri. According to Jones, in the configuration of the track should be amended.

The official representative of the Federation Ski (FIS) Bill van Gilder promised that the track will be changed.

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Norwegian Snowboarder Broke His Collarbone in Sochi + Winter Olympic Games